You May Be Asking Yourself, “How Do I Sell My House Fast in the CSRA?”

We Buy Houses in….with CASH! The Expert Home Buyers has made it easier than ever to sell your house fast, and put cash in your pocket. We break it down into the Four Easy Steps you see below. Never again will you wonder, “How do I sell my house?”

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And here is the best part!  We can usually close within 7 to 10 days.  What does this mean for you? It means cash in your pocket, and you moving on to the next phase of your life within two weeks!!!

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That’s How We Buy Houses Fast, Now Let’s Show You the Nitty Gritty

We want you to be as informed as possible about how to sell your house fast in the CSRA. That is why we created this page. We have set out to make you totally aware of how we buy houses and make you an expert on the topic.

If you checked out our company page, then you know that we aim to be as open, honest and transparent as possible; it is just part of our core values. On this page we will peel back the curtain and show you exactly how we determine your fair all cash offer and can get your home sold fast.

There are a lot of companies out there that make cash offers just like us, but they aren’t going to show you exactly how they came up with their offer like we do. They want you to know as little as possible, because the less you know, the more power they have over the entire process.  That’s not what we are about here at The Expert Home Buyers.

Don’t be Fooled by the Riff Raff!

Never, Ever “LowBall” Offers!

We know that if we just make you a ridiculously low offer you’re not going to accept it and you’re going to be forced to go through the hassle of selling through a real estate agent.  It is our goal to make it easier for you to sell your house, but that doesn’t mean less profitable. That is why we never make an offer that we wouldn’t accept if we were in your shoes.

Our Offers Are Based On What Is Called “After Repair Value”, or ARV!

That may be a foreign concept to you, but remember what we said before, we are here to make YOU an expert.  That is why we put together a real world scenario that will help to illustrate how we go about formulating our offers, and why they are always fair and reliable.

Sell My HouseOk, let’s imagine that you have a house, and you are interested in selling that house.  Wait a second………you do!

Sell My HouseIn preparing to sell your house you have begun to do some research on similar houses in the area that have recently sold (within the last 6 months typically). In the Real Estate industry this is known as a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis.

Sell My HouseYou find that one of the houses on your same street that has the same number of bedrooms as yours and is very similar in size just sold 3 months ago for $180k, and you begin thinking to yourself “Great! I can sell mine for at least $180k then.”

Sell My HouseExcept, there is a problem with that thinking.  Even though they may be similar in size and bedrooms, that house had no needed repairs, and had a lot of upgrades that yours does not.  They had installed brand new marble counter-tops, put in beautiful hardwood flooring, a new AC system, and even had a new roof put on just 6 months ago.

Knowing this, it isn’t reasonable to think that you could sell your home for $180k, like the house down the street.  Well no, yours just doesn’t hold the same value.


Fine…….where does that put us now?

  1. Well, we know that if you were to do all of these upgrades that the market value of your house would be $180k.
  2. We can do some research and determine exactly what it would cost, and how long it would take to make all of the necessary repairs

It is these 2 points that allow us to make your All Cash offer that works for us, and we believe that it will work for you as well.  If at this point, you agree with us, you get to sit back and relax while we take care of everything else and get you your money on the day of your choosing.

It is from this, that you are able to see that we make our offer based on specific calculations, and not based on if we feel that you are desperate to sell and just need to accept anything that someone is willing to give you.

We would like to take it a step further though! We want to take you back to that dreaded math class of yours and actually show you our formula.

The Offer:

If you read our core value on the about us page, you would know that we value honesty and transparency.  These values are the reason that we want to peel back the curtain and show you exactly how we arrive at our offer.

(Your Offer) = (After Repair Value) – (Needed Repairs) – (Our Selling Costs) – (Our Minimum Profit)

We realize that some of those terms are not going to mean anything to you at this point, so we set out to make definitions that are as easy to digest as possible.  And remember, you can always call us and as any questions that you may have, we are more than willing to help.

After Repair Value (ARV) – This is what the value of you home would be After any repairs and upgrades are done. This was any necessary repairs, upgraded counters, wood flooring, new AC and a new roof from our example earlier.  In that case, the ARV was $180k, because that is what someone was willing to pay for a home in that upgraded condition.

Needed Repairs – This is the amount of money that it is going to take to make any necessary repairs, and the costs of the upgrades that would bring the house up to ARV.

Our Selling Costs – Remember all of those costs that we are able to save you by buying directly from you and not having to deal with an agent?  Well, when it comes time for us to sell your home, we unfortunately have to pay for all of those on the backend. Typically the selling costs that we will incur amount to about 10% of the ARV.

so………. Selling Costs = 10% ARV

Our Minimum Profit – Yes, we are running a business here, and in order for us to keep this business running we need to turn a profit.  We do however, try to keep our profits as low as possible, allowing us to make you the highest possible offer.  We would rather do 100 deals, and help out 100 homeowners, for a small profit, than do 10 deals for a large profit and only be able to help 10 people.

Is your head spinning yet?


Stick with us, you’re almost an expert!

Let’s take a look at a house that we recently purchased and drive the idea home. This will let you see why it’s necessary to make your house like the one down the street.

Cash for your house

-Ok, so this house was in pretty bad shape. It needed a new roof, and AC unit.  It had no flooring, ugly wallpaper on every wall and a very strange, closed off layout.

-Now look at it after we fixed all of that!

Fair Cash Offer

That looks more like a home that could sell for $180k.

Still don’t understand why the house needs those upgrades?

You must realize, that someone who is looking at buying a new house is going to have seen that house down the street that sold for $180k.  They are going to know that it is just like yours except that it was all fixed up and had many upgrades done to it.  Why would they be willing to pay you the same price for your house when it isn’t in the same condition as that one?  Would you pay that high of a price?

Ok, finally what you have been waiting for.

We’re Ready To Show You An Offer!


Here is the breakdown:

After Repair Value (ARV): $180,000

Needed Repairs: $50,000

Our Selling Costs: 10% x $180,000 = $18,000

For this example, let’s say our minimum profit is: $15,000

(Your Offer) = (After Repair Value) – (Needed Repairs) – (Our Selling Costs) – (Our Minimum Profit)

Your Offer = ($180,000) – ($50,000) – ($18,000) – ($15,000)

Your Offer = $97,000

Analyzing Your All Cash Offer

You look at that $97,000 and are thinking to yourself “wow, that number is extremely low compared to the $180,000 the house down the street sold for.”

It is at this point that unfortunately we need to introduce to you a new concept that has yet to come up…………..As-Is Value.

As-Is Value: This is the value that your home would currently be able to sell for in it’s state of repair.  This is a tougher number to come up, but let’s say that you call a real estate agent and they come over to your house and determine that it is currently worth $115,000 in it’s current condition.


Wait a second? If I could sell my house for $115,000 why the heck would I sell it to you for $97,000!?

Well, don’t think for a second that just because you determined your As-Is Value to be $115,000 that is what you’re going to get.

  • There is a very very high chance that nobody is going to want your house in it’s current condition (Sorry for being brutally honest….core values remember?)
  • Even if someone were to offer you that price….. remember all of those costs that you get to save by selling to us?  With the agent commissions, taxes and fees and all the inspections it usually equates to about 10% of the purchase price, all of which is paid by the seller…..YOU!

So that $115,000 all of a sudden becomes $103,500.

Now you have to sit down and ask yourself:

Do you list it with an agent, pick an asking price, cross your fingers and hope it will sell?


Sell it to The Expert Home Buyers for a guaranteed $97,000?


Wait, there’s more!!!

What if it turns out it was only going to cost $20,000 for the Needed Repairs?

This is where things get interesting. The offer would then become:

As-Is Value: $115,000

After Repair Value (ARV): $180,000

Needed Repairs: $20,000

Our Selling Costs: 10% x $180,000 = $18,000

For this example, let’s say our minimum profit is: $15,000

(Your Offer) = (After Repair Value) – (Needed Repairs) – (Our Selling Costs) – (Our Minimum Profit)

Your Offer = ($180,000) – ($20,000) – ($18,000) – ($15,000)

Your Offer = $127,000

Whoa! That’s actually more than the current value of your house! And that is without any costs, without all the headaches of listing with an agent, and without having to sit around and hope that someone will come along to even purchase your house.  Again, we make our offers based on the number, not how desperate we think you are to get your house sold.

So….Why is The Expert Home Buyers Better than all the Other Cash Buyers?

We get it, everyone around will say that they are the best. But we really are.  We strive to put you, the homeowner, first. We will do everything in our power to make sure you have the best selling experience possible.Trusted Cash Offer

We base our offers on our projections of what your house is going to be worth once we put our time and money into it to bring it up to ARV. That is pretty incredible of us as most others out there base their offers off of what your As-Is value is.


And There’s Even More Reasons!

All Cash Offer


We love getting our hands dirty and actually enjoy doing some of the work ourselves.  What this means to you is, that we are actively looking to save costs wherever we think we can.  This allows us to cut down on those Needed Repair costs we talked about in the above equations and put more money into your pocket.



Why go out of our way to save costs and give you the highest possible offer?

Think about it…. If we are able to offer you a better price than our competitors are able to, then you will choose The Expert Home Buyers every time, and that is exactly what we want.  The more houses we are able to buy, the more people we are able to help get out from under a home they don’t want.

Want to Know How Much We Can Offer?

The best way to get your all cash offer is to call, as we always have the phones running, but we make a point to answer all inquiries within 24 hours.
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For This Exact House……..

These homeowners were going through a divorce, and we were able to get in and get them a cash offer that they were able to get split up between them and move on with their lives.

CSRA Cash Buyer

“Nathaniel was such a pleasure to work with.  He was able to get our house sold just 10 days after we first spoke on the phone and took all the headaches out of the home selling process. Would absolutely recommend The Expert Home Buyers for anyone needing to sell their home!”

-Charles S. [Aiken, SC]