80. What It REALLY Costs To Sell Your Home in Evans GA

We buy houses in Evans, Georgia. We are homebuyers in Evans GA, and we offer cash for houses in Evans. Listing your home isn’t free. There are costs, chores, and a lot of work that goes into getting your home ready for the market. Before you list your home, think about the time, energy, and money that go into it. If you have a direct buyer with a great offer, it is often preferred rather than the hassle and out-of-pocket costs of listing. Here are the common selling costs you could expect to deal with – what it REALLY costs to sell your home in Evans GA.

 What It REALLY Costs to Sell Your Home in Evans GA РCommissions, Staging, and Yard Work; Oh My!

Cleaning the Property to Sell in Georgia

The first thing is first. The home in Evans GA has to be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Windows should be done inside and out, grout and tile cleaned, baseboards and molding, and all of the obscure areas such as window sills and ceiling fans. If you have pets, pay particularly close attention to pet hair and odors. Of course, you can clean the house yourself, but you will not be able to do it with the accuracy and efficiency of a pro. In addition, keeping the home clean for showings, open houses, and surprise visitors can take a lot of time and energy.

Landscaping to Sell the House in Evans

Never, ever, ever neglect the yard when selling your home. You will want to make sure your yard has excellent curb appeal and isn’t overgrown or filled with weeds. Just like the cleaning, you can do this yourself, but you will have some hard work ahead of you. You will want to:

  • Trim back trees and bushes.
  • Weed the lawn and open areas.
  • Plant flowers and appropriate¬†plants.
  • Fix anything in need of repair.
  • Add fresh paint to the outdoor trim, mailbox, door, etc.
  • Add seating and other elements of staging to make the outside areas more welcoming.

The backyard should be warm, inviting, and well-manicured. The front yard is your first impression; make it a good one!

Storage and Moving Costs When You Sell Your GA Home

Even if you are still living in the home in Evans GA, once you put it on the market, it is smart to get some of your personal items packed and stored, ready for your move. Having your personal items around the home can make it feel cluttered and dissuade buyers from having interest. While your home is listed, you will need somewhere to keep your stuff. This might require offsite storage. If you are staying somewhere temporarily until your property sells, you will likely be paying rent in addition to your mortgage. (And don’t forget, two sets of utility bills.)

Once your house does sell, there are the costs of moving. Will you have movers help? Will you do all the packing yourself? Will you need a truck? These are all costs to consider and factor into your budget.

Listing Fees, Agent Fees, Administrative Fees, and Notary Charges in Evans

Working with an agent also brings a plethora of fees and charges you may not be prepared for. (These charges are IN ADDITION to the commission, which we talk about below.) Agents will pass on a number of fees to you for marketing, listing, and administrative tasks, such as clerical work and printing. You will face costs for notarization and other small charges that add up fast.

Commissions with Agents in Georgia

This is the biggie. Selling your home in Evans GA through an agent entitles them to a commission. Think 6% of your sale price. This can be more or less, but 6% is a good estimation. When you are calculating your asking price, make sure you factor in commissions as well as the other charges listed above.

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