The Expert Home Buyers

Family Run

Veteran owned and operated

Veteran Owned

CSRA Local Home Buyers

We Are Brittany And Nathaniel! Ordinary People, Just Like You!

We started The Expert Home Buyers to try and make a difference in our community, believing that by purchasing unwanted homes for cash, we would be able to help homeowners out of unwanted situations and create a lasting impression on our community.

Augusta Home Buyers

We take homes that are in need of repair and fix them up, therefore making the community a better place for everyone who lives and communes there.  That is our number one goal!

We aim to make the neighborhoods we work in look even better than they did when they were first built. We do this buy making fair, all cash offers for homes and then rehabbing them to a state they have never seen before.

Aiken Home Buyers

We love getting our hands dirty and being as big a part of rehabbing the homes we purchase as we can. This ultimately means that we are able to pay more for the homes that we make offers on because we save money by not paying others to do work for us.

We Are Just A Man And His Amazing Wife

So… Why Real Estate?

To be completely honest (remember, honesty is one of our Principles), we do it for the Money!

Ok, so that’s not the whole story, but it is part of it.  Remember, we decided to leave our safe jobs and make a career out of this. We do need the money that we make from Real Estate, but we really do believe that we provide a great value to the people of our community by helping them out of their unwanted homes, and giving them a fair cash offer.  Not only that, but we are so focused on the people we help that we provide unprecedented service even when we aren’t buying their homes.

“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.”

-Jonathan Swift

More Details About Us!

About us

Nathaniel and Brittany, the founders and owners of The Expert Home Buyers, met at Cal State Long Beach while in their engineering programs, and have never looked back.  She’s the brains, the looks and the creativity, and I guess we’ll call him the brawn?  You can read more about Brittany here…. and Nathaniel here….

Our Company Family…..Literally

Many companies out there tout how they have a family atmosphere, or invite each other over for meals so they can claim that they are family, what they don’t know about us is that we literally are family! 

What this means is that we treat each other with respect, love, and admiration.  We CHOOSE to extend this out to everyone we come in contact with because we were raised on the core principles of treating others how you wish to be treating and never judging anyone. We appreciate everyone who has helped us to get where we are and supported us along the way, and that is why we try so hard to help every person we find out of whatever situation they are in.

We Are YOUR Local Cash Buyers In The CSRA!

We Rehab, Flip and Rent out the houses that we buy from you.  We buy houses from people that no longer want their house. We know how important it is for us to give you a fair offer for your house and we take that extremely seriously. It is never our goal to take advantage of someone who is in a dire situation and need to sell their home, and we are not here to waste the time of anyone we come across. 

We strive to be Honest, Open, Courteous, Non-Judgmental, and always wear a smile on our faces. These are our founding principles, this is our family, and we are extending it to you.

Our Promise to You:

  • To be fair and honest
  • Never take advantage of the misfortunes of other
  • Create a win-win scenario for us and the homeowner
  • Take as much off of your plate as possible
  • Get your house Sold, Fast, and for Cash!