“I see the relief on homeowner’s faces when we are able to take all the hassles away from selling their home, and that is why I love doing what we do.”


This is Brittany!


Well, as you can tell, my name is Brittany.  I am the ghost in the machine, the wizard behind the curtain, the grease on the wheels.  I a married to Nathaniel, the love of my life, and I love every minute we have together.   I joined him on my adventure through life, and shortly after realized that I could help a lot of people out if I joined him in Real Estate.

I work at an amazing company, where I get to create the equipment that protects our men and women who serve in the Armed Forces.  This was something that I really wanted to accomplish when I started my path in Engineering.



This is our little family…..hopefully we will be adding a mini-us soon!



We’re all Animals!

Giraffes are my spirit animal.  I am almost as tall as they are (well, the baby ones at least).  I love all animals though, and love going to the zoo with my husband and friends, and cannot wait to take my children…….soon hopefully.


We have a fluffy doggy named Cody, and a colorful Jenday Conure, Lucy.



What an adorable puppy!

The Engineer

I am proud to have graduate with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. I try my best to be an example to young women out there as to what you can accomplish when you put your mind to doing something.  I am the floor support engineer at BAE Systems, and am proud that I can help create the vehicles that our honorable men and women serve in.  This has been a dream of mine for a very long time.




Work Hard, Play Hard

Nathaniel and I are very active, and enjoy being outdoors with Cody.  We try to exercise as much as we can, and eat extremely healthy in order to make sure that we are in tip top condition to be enjoying the active life that we so desire.  We really enjoy going to the lake and camping out under the trees and stars.



Remember how I said we love the zoo, and I am basically a Giraffe?